You Buy, We Donate

Mahatma Gandhi once said: “If we can change ourselves, the trends in the world will also change. Man changes his own nature, just as the attitude of the world changes towards him ... We don't need to wait for the other ”.

With this premise in mind, João tried to find a way to give more to his community, helping it to achieve important goals, such as social cohesion, social and sports development, environmental and sustainable awareness, and to raise the local economy.

João defined that for each purchase in the Guincho Outdoor online store, he will donate € 1 to one of five local non-profit institutions, of a social and environmental nature.

These organizations have a fundamental impact on our society and hence the importance of their survival.

Basically you choose where you want to apply the donation so that it has a greater impact on our community.

João and his community invites you to have an overview of those 5 organizations, with their stories and plans for our bright future:


União Recreativa da Charneca - União Recreativa da Charneca is a local community centre, born in April, 1967, by a group of local friends that wanted to build a place where the people of the small town of Charneca, could meet, talk, listen, play, produce local products, organize traditional events, offer sports and activities, playground for kids, somehow, to be a connection between the locals and visitants. Until today, this beautiful project is still going strong and day by day it gets even more developed, with new activities, events, but keeping the same guiding ideas.

At the moment, U.R.C. is trying to get a cover for their football pitch. You can help with your donation!

  • União Recreativa da Charneca - Disposable products for parties of sustainable origin and recycling or composting


Surf Addict - This smiling making factory was born in May, 2012, by a strong group that had a beautiful mindset: breaking barriers allowing people with restricted mobility to do water sports. Nuno Vitorino, a former Paralympic athlete, the face of this beautiful organization, is constantly working to bring all people, the chance to participate in their events, such as volunteering, organizing, participating, etc. Let’s help them to reach more and more people by supporting their activities with new and adapted boards, wetsuits, and logistics!

  • Surf Addict - Spooked Kooks Dead Hippie 7'0 "recycled plastic surfboard

Plasticus Maritimus - Ana Pêgo is the ironwoman behind this amazing project. From Cascais and a truly Cascais lover, Ana developed this concept from scratch. Plasticus maritimus is a personal project that aims to inform and educate about the serious problem of the plastic in the oceans. How? By promoting Environmental Education and Exhibitions, through collecting rubbish in our beautiful coastline. Let’s help Ana by funding their next exhibitions and activities!

  • Plasticus Maritimus - Overhead projector for environmental and social awareness activities

ACL is a non-profit association whose mission is centered on the enhancement and preservation of the existing paths and trails in the great natural spaces of the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon (AML). All members are focused on the practice of sports in Trail Running, Walking, Mountain Biking and Climbing, and believe in the sustainable use of the paths, the involvement of the community for their maintenance and the promotion of good environmental practices. It was for all these reasons and for the hard work that they carry out throughout the year that Guincho Outdoor decided to support this mega project, through the purchase of equipment that will help in the ACL's mission. The choice fell on the need to have a tool that makes the deepest cut of roots that are difficult to perform with a hand saw. Can we help them with this?

  • Caminhos da Lua - Acquisition of a cordless Saber saw for deeper cutting of roots as it is more difficult to perform with a hand saw

Projecto Titã is a great portuguese project that was born from the need to re-equip the climbing routes of our coast (and not only!), replacing the stainless steel pins with titan pins, because they are more robust, durable and safe. For this work to be developed it is necessary all the support for the purchase of the material, since its installation is in charge of real enthusiasts and lovers of mountaineering activities. This was an association that Guincho Outdoor could not leave aside and decided to support it also through its donations, for the purchase of more material, so that we can do what we like most, always with maximum safety.

  • Titan Project - Purchase of titanium bonds to equip all climbing routes in the coastal zone (and not only) at the national level.