Sunscreen Savage Oils FPS 27 100g


  • Brand: Savage Oils
  • Product Code: Protetor Solar Savage Oils FPS 27 100g
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Tags: sunscreen, mineral, sunblock, solar stick, natural, spf27, spf25, savage oils, guincho outdoor

The natural, locally produced sunscreens, ideal for all outdoor sports, with zinc oxide sun protection are ready to go to the beach, the countryside, the mountain or the city!

This sunscreen has a white natural color.

The ingredients are of biological origin, without any chemicals or synthetics, widely used in most industrial sunscreens. These are handmade products, made with all the quality and care on a small scale and in a sustainable and ecological way. The packaging is made of 100% recyclable aluminium (they can and should be reused before recycling - as future cases for transporting shampoos or creams on trips, for example). SPF 27 is suitable for adults and children and should always avoid exposure to the sun at peak hours of heat and take essential care to avoid long exposure and always drink plenty of water. The sun is vitamin D, it is our ally if we follow these simple rules and protect ourselves with the same attention, using in our skin products with maximum safety. The skin is our largest organ and everything is absorbed into our blood system, all care is essential. Choose consciously, help the local economy and think green.

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